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Thank you for placing an order for [CLIENT]'s website.

Our partner, [RESELLER], has asked us to look after your website creation.

Thank you for paying the deposit on your website and choosing to work with us at Inology Australia.

We will be emailing you shortly an invoice for the deposit (50%).

We are very excited to be starting this project with you.

Below is our Creation Process so that you know the steps we will be walking through together to bring your website to life.


  1. GETTING STARTED – The first step of our Creation Process is the request for information which will be emailed to you for you to fill in the missing details. This may include your business and contact details, domain details, logo, sample branding, images, template choice and header banner design requirements.
  2. REGISTERING DOMAINS & HOSTING – Once we have received the information requested we proceed to registering/transferring domain name/s and setting up hosting for your website, this is the start to your vision coming to fruition. Once this has been complete you will receive an email with the details you require to set up your new domain emails via desktop or mobile. Note: where you have an existing website, this process won't be complete until going live.
  3. CONTENT – During the following design and build processes, we ask for you to collate and supply your website content including page titles, page descriptions (displayed in search engine results), key phrases, content, and images. Your content must be proofread and supplied in a document to each web page, attached via email. We will insert your content once the build is complete and forward the final draft of your website to you.
  4. DESIGN – With your template choice and original logo we then forward this information onto our graphic designer to create the design for your website. When the graphic designer has completed your website design we will forward the draft to you for sign off. For a premium or ecommerce template design you are allowed to request one set of minor changes (this excludes layout). For a custom design you are allowed to request three sets of minor changes. After we have the design confirmed by you we start the website build.
  5. DEVELOPMENT – Using the design you've just signed off, we construct your website. Once your website has been built you will have a 14-day review period where you are allowed to request one set of minor changes to your website. This includes small textual changes and small adjustments to placement of items on page. Minor changes do not include alteration or replacement of images, colour schemes or any navigation features. Notify Support of any minor requested changes by email. If no notification of changes is received in writing from you within 14 days of the start of the review period, the website draft will be considered accepted as the finished work.
  6. GOING LIVE – You’ve signed off on your perfect website and are ready to go live! An invoice will be emailed to you for the balance payable and once a confirmation receipt has been sent to us we will release your website to the public.
  7. WEBSITE MANAGEMENT TUTORIAL – We will arrange a time with you for a tutorial on how to use the website management tools in the backend of your website. This will include a hardcopy tutorial document for you to keep on hand, a walk through on how to make alterations to your website’s content and where to find extra worksheets and videos to guide you through the process.
  8. FEEDBACK - Your website has been complete and you have sat through your tutorial. Inology now requests your feedback on the service we have provided for you!

It’s time to get the ball rolling so look out for your next email requesting information, it’s on the way! If you have any questions in the meantime just send us an email or give us a call.



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