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Your new website design is underway.  By the time we finish the design, we will require the content for it.  We can simply copy your existing content when we build your new website and show you how to change it yourself during training. However, if you would like to update the content so that we can include the new content during build then please supply in a word document for each page as per layout below.  Before you do though have a read of this article.

Now that we have got your new website design underway, please supply your website content in a word document for each page as per layout below.  Before you do though have a read of this article.


  • Title: title of the page – this is displayed in the browser title bar and in search engine results – i.e. "Pete's Cafe - Best Coffee in Burleigh Heads"
  • Description: this should be a short summary of the page content (about a paragraph) – this most of the time is displayed in search engine results.
  • Existing Page URL: please supply the URL (link) to the existing page if there is one, even if you are changing the content.  This is important so we do not lose any search engine ranking.
  • Content: for new or updated content only – otherwise we will use existing site content.  It is a good idea to look at the template designs given to you when putting your content together. You will see sections in the designs. Have a think about what you want in these sections. Also, have a look at what competitors are writing about but DO NOT COPY their content as the search engines will detect it and penalise you.
  • Images: send as separate attachments but reference in the content with their filenames.


Note: please make sure you have proof read your content before sending to us. Alterations to your content may incur an additional charge.


We look forward to helping you get online and supporting you with your website management needs.



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