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Please see attached the website design drafts for your new website.  [FILE NAME] is the home page, [FILE NAME] is the inner pages and the rest of the images are the banners.  Please reply to this email with any requested changes to templates or banners, otherwise let us know you are 100% happy and wish to sign off on your website design.

Note: For a premium or ecommerce template design you are allowed to request one set of minor changes (this excludes layout). For a custom design you are allowed to request three sets of minor changes.

Once we have received sign-off from you of your website design we will start the build.


CONTENT: If you have your complete website content documents and images ready at this time we will use it during the build. If it is not ready don't worry, you may supply your completed content within the next 6 months. Please make sure ALL your website content has been proofread and is supplied via word documents (each web page to its own document and labelled as the name of the specific web page).



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