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Now it’s time for your tutorial on the website management tools so that you have the skills, knowledge and confidence to edit the content on your website.

Training is conducted over the phone at the times of 11am, 2pm or 3pm Tuesday to Thursday and will take around 30-45 minutes. Please reply to this email to arrange a suitable time for your tutorial.

We have also a step-by-step tutorial handbook, which you can download here, for referring back on how to edit your website, plus you can visit The Internet Platform's Help website for tutorials on how to use your new system.

PLEASE NOTE: It is best if you wait for the tutorial before logging in yourself so I can guide you through it. We do not recommend that you make any alterations until we have done the one-on-one tutorial and handover, unless you have prior experience in content managment systems. We are not responsible for any unforeseen results due to your or anyone else’s actions whether intentional or otherwise. Generally we can fix most unforeseen results but this is a payable service.


Your Login Details

You can login to your website and make changes by clicking Administration in the footer of your website and entering the following login details:


  • Username: info@[DOMAIN]
  • Password: [PASSWORD]


We look forward to talking with you and guiding you through each step of your tutorial.



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