Here is a brief overview of Inology's Learning Management System:

  • You can create courses and each course can have one or more modules and each module can have one or more lessons.
  • You can categorise and tag courses so when you have many, users can browser to a category to find what they want easily.
  • The course can have description and an intro video.
  • Each lesson can have text and/or video. A player can be added that enables users to listen to the lesson text via a text-to-speech synthesiser.
  • You can set estimated time on each lesson to show total time on modules and courses.
  • You can set a lesson cannot be started unless the previous lesson has been completed.
  • You can put a price on the course and users will have to enrol and pay for them. You can also have different prices for different groups of people. For example, you might have a group called “medium access users” and one called “full access users”. Users may have to subscribe to them on a monthly, quarterly or even yearly basis for a price, then they get some or all courses cheaper or for free.
  • You can make courses visible to the public or only to members of a particular group you have set up.
  • Users can leave a course and come back to where they left off.
  • You can see what students have started/completed lessons, modules and courses.

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Inology has created our website check it out we have had great results!! The Inology team are experts in their field, great fun to work with and they keep to timelines!!

Margie Gardner
Sign A Rama

Launching our Practical Behaviour Solutions website has been really easy with Inology's help!

Judith Peerlings
Practical Behaviour Solutions Pty Ltd

Inology has an expansive knowledge about web design. Not only have they developed my site but for people I have recommended. Consequently, I have a detailed knowledge of their design and service delivery and can state that they have few peers. Inology has the ability to quickly sum up the requirements and use that knowledge with their own imagination to formulate a product that creates an immediate good impression of the client and their products/services.

Gary Bourke
PHJ Services